By   July 6, 2017

The modern age luxurious life could be like the bubble on the water, which can break down any time. I am not saying it by sitting in the most expensive Limousine car. Rather         after going through the grim pictures from South East Asia till the Middle East and parts of Europe and the Americas. Tension seems to be boiling everywhere due to one or the other reason. People from one ethnic group are hell bent on destroying the others who are “unlike” themselves. What happens if there is a war calamity striking the vital parts of the world in all the continents?  Visit this website to get more information.

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The catastrophe intensity in case of the next world war could be more than what we got exposed to earlier. This will be complete destruction when only the rubbles are left over. But the modern humans will never be able to cope with such situations. This is for the simple reason we are not trained.

  • For example we don’t know what it means without the internet, cell phones, television, automated banks, transportation and the abundance of civic amenities. Once we are deprived of these things, we may not even know what to do.
  • The further complexities of survival are the situations when the cooking gas, gasoline, power supplies and other fuels run short or get shut down. Then we come down to eating raw vegetables and hunting animals for food. In such cases the humans need to learn how to adopt the survival skills of stone-age counterparts. This when we need books like the Lost ways to provide the right kind of guidance.
  • This is apparently a new beginning when the humans are exposed to an entirely new world order. The increasing need for survival might push the individuals and communities into clashes leading to the civil war. This might further push the survival instincts into oblivion. This is the time when we need to learn how to preserve food and water without having to depend on money. Visit this website to get more information.
  • Hunting and food gathering are the two oldest known human techniques for getting the food every day. Since there are hardly any forests left over, the battle for survival might become highly intense. The lost ways will tell you how to cope with such situations and ensure the survival of the self and the family.

Lost Ways – Relevance Today

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The relevance of this book for today is for those who get lost in the jungles of rainforest, Africa or the other inhospitable territories. In such cases you can get valuable tips about how to survive without the supplies of food, proper shelter and water. Many of the adventure tourists and explorers who get caught in remote corners can make us of this e-book. In fact many of the reviews you find from such survivors narrate a lot about the good qualities of this book which they successfully utilized.