By   May 5, 2017

iTube is one of the most enduring YouTube apps that you can easily download, and this app also provides you with built-in YouTube Playlist Songs Manager. The reason why it is so happening and famous; because it downloads your YouTube videos or other stuff using the system of cache that is stored on your iOS device.

Use this most culminating app to watch and download your favorite and desired YouTube stuff offline and iTube is available for free on the app store and this app doesn’t contain any bunch of ads or any kind of software that can harm your phone or device.

iTubePro app is a really an outstanding app and I will definitely recommend it to everyone who loves songs or to listen to music almost all the time.

When you have to download videos from YouTube then I guarantee that not even a single app can beat the iTube. It is a good feature and entertainment rich app; that you can hardly found any app on the Playstore with such great features like this app.

The iTube also has an easy and great to use the user interface that is appreciated by new users who love to use this app. The iTube app does not only work only as a downloading app, but it also smartly fixes the issues with YouTube like buffering and all!

It also fixes the buffering issue while playing any video online on the YouTube – high ranked site.

Unfortunately, the iTube Pro app is removed from the Apple App Store, because of some reasons, but not to worry, because today I am going to show you how you can easily get the perfect iTubeapp working on your iPhone, iPad,iPod devices.

There is an app that is named as Playtube. Now this app is an excellent alternative to iTube Pro but a most enduring one.


Here, I will explain you guys about; how you can easily install and download Playtube on your device (iTube).

This Playtube is mostly used by the users of iOS and it works and performs just like the perfect iTube app. The only thing that is different in both of the apps is their names.

The iTube for iPhone, iPad,iPod is present on the app store for free to download and it also ensures you with a very easy and quick to use user interface.

The iTubeFor iPhone, iPad, iPodiOS Devices:

Follow some easy and quick steps to get iTube iPhone on iOS devices.

  • Firstly open the browser on your iPhone or iPad and then search website.
  • Now, search for Playtube or iTube, in the search bar.
  • That’s it, now just simply download the app and enjoy the wonderful experience of the iTube on your – iOS devices.


This was my guide on downloading iTube app on your iOS devices and I am sure you guys must have found this article helpful. Don’t forget to share this iTube guide with others who might be looking for same.