By   July 10, 2017

Entering from College to University – Things that make a lot of Difference

To get higher education adults can attend both college and university so it is very difficult to judge and differentiate the two. In countries like the USA, you can not realize the difference between a college and university as they are being discussed interchangeably. The fact is that you consider adults as a college student no matter what institution you are attending. However, there is a lot of difference that you feel when you enter from college to university. Let’s discuss what is the difference between the two that most of the adults feel.

Classification of a college

You can say a college is a place where the students get a postsecondary education. The instructions that you get are beyond 12th grade and it fulfills all the requirements of associate and graduate level. A college is there to teach you a number of undergraduate programs but it is not necessary that it is also providing graduate studies as well. They are small institutions and they provide you two-year degree programs or associate degrees. They can be junior colleges or community colleges.

Most of the people think that a college is a privately owned institution while a university is a state-funded institution yet it is very difficult to define what students feel when they enter from college to University.

What Differences students feel while entering from College to University?

  • The Number of Classes

The number of classes you take in an undergraduate program is more than a graduate program in the university. In each graduate class, you require more reading which is more enough than you do in your college. The structure of the course you study in a university is also different. In university, there are no lecture classes as you have to attend seminars and conferences with a small number of students.

  • Focusing mostly on Topic of Interest

Undergraduate programs have a lot of breadths. But on the other hand in university, while attending the graduate programs you just go in the depth of a particular subject. In university, you have to work a lot on coursework that is specially designed to get a most comprehensive examination from students. It is very good for those who want to polish their skills in a particular field. You got a lot of opportunities for discussion with scholars belonging to your area and abroad.

  • You expect to Become an Independent student

In college, you have to select a major subject along with a fixed class schedule. However, in graduate programs, you can expect to be more independent. You can select your classes and research program independently. In a university, you have self-directed classes and you got a deadline from you professors to complete a big project or assignment. You can ask about the outline of your research paper also. For the final paper, a seminar class in your university can set the deadline. Your job in the university is to specialize in a particular field and to become an expert.

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