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Heavy duty shop fox table saw – Review

By   December 5, 2016

A Heavy duty shop fox table saw W1819 is a table saw which is built to last and perform equally well. It is a mid priced cabinet saw as opposed to other brands.In fact it has features of a high priced cabinet saw such as

  • 3 HP, 220 vt, with Leeson motor
  • It has a triple belt cover
  • It weighs about 507 lbs
  • It has a splitter, Quick release blade guard and riving knife
  • It comes with cast iron wings and table and a 10 inch blade
  • The Max dado cut is 13/16” along with dado insert.
  • It has the feature of T-slot miter guage, Magnetic switch, Camlock t-fence , triple belt drive and Heavy cast hand wheels
  • It has a 4 inch dust collection port which helps reduce the dust from getting inside the nose.
  • It has a mitter gauge with T slot and fence with camlock and HDPE face.


Though the manual is clear and the pieces are well marked, the assembling of Shop Fox Table Saw would take about 5 -6 hours. Some minor adjustments are needed to keep the fence parallel to the blade. If the SF Table saw needs to be used on a mobile base please ensure to assemble it on the mobile base.

Operating Mechanism

Cast iron is used for making the handwheel for blade height adjustment and bevel. However the blade height adjustment handwheel becomes difficult to turn after sometime. The center knob is used to lock down the bevel and the height adjustment. The Bevel gauge is marked in 5 degree increment.

The magnetic switch in the on and off panel, prevents start up hazards after a power cut. The green button is slightly recessed to overcome the problem of accidental start up, The stop button is large enough and can be stopped by knee. The power cord is 6 ft long, which is a bit short.

Table Top

The table top is made of solid cast iron and bears a dimension of 27”×40”.The table top has a very smooth finish and well milled. However the extension wings are a bit rough in comparison, however using a sandpaper can smoothen the extension wings too.

Miter Gauge


The miter gauge is tough and high in quality. It has a micro adjustment knob with a pointer for great accuracy, The Miter gauge is marked in one degree increments.


The fence slides conveniently on rails and has a relatively solid feel to it. The cam lock remains firmly fenced. Both sides have HDPE faces which offers slick surface for material movement while cutting. At times the adhesive measuring tape does not give accurate measure.

Dust Collection

The 4” dust collection port is one of the best features of Shop Fox Table Saw.

Changing of the Blade

It must be borne in mind that before changing the blade the arbor wrench and leather glove is required. Loosen the arbor nut, remove the flange and then replace it with a new blade and flange.


  • Shop Fox table saw has sturdy construction that can go life long
  • Shop Fox table saw comes with an in built cabinet
  • Shop Fox Table Saw has broad cutting surface
  • Shop Fox Table Saw has very good safety features
  • Shop Fox comes with 2 years of warranty.


  • It is very heavy to be moved from one place to the other
  • The adhesive measuring tape of the fence is not accurate at times


  1. It has a motor of 3 HP,230v, single phase.
  2. It has 12.8 Amps
  3. It has the blade tilt on the right side
  4. The Arbor size is 5/8”
  5. Arbor speed is 4300 RMP
  6. Maximum rip capacity is 29 ½”
  7. The maximum dado width is 13/16”
  8. The size of the cast table is 27”×53-5/8”
  9. The table height from the floor is 34”
  10. The Dust port is 4” wide with trap door opening
  11. The weight of shop fox table saw is 562 pounds
  12. The dimension of the product is 62″ L x 45-1/2″ W x 40″ H


It does not matter if you are a professional contractor or a hobbyist you will not get better quality in the price that it is being offered. Shop Fox Table Saw comes with safety feature, rip capacity and power. This Table saw is going last for a lifetime.